Saturday, August 28, 2010

Case of the "women who wore a foil hat"

Client is a 50 year old female.

This by far is the most bazaar case I have ever been involved in. It was very hard not to laugh at her, but I never did out loud. Ask yourself, what does it mean to be CRAZY?

Three years ago she lost her life partner to cancer. They lived together for thirty years, and purchased several properties. Two of them were on the coast at the ocean edge, in Halfmoon Bay, valued at six million dollars. Though the stress of losing her partner, she became depressed and started seeing things that weren't there. She thought aliens were after her and people were aiming microwave beams at her brain. She imagined people were following her everywhere she went. Because of this, she would never stay in the same place more than thirty minutes, except at night. Night was a whole different issue. People found out about her illness and started to take advantage of her, promising her that they could make the aliens go away and the microwave beams to stop. She sold one of her properties in Halfmoon Bay, to pay for the services of these con artists. She paid people to drive for her 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to sleep in the same motel room with her, on the floor, or in the hallway for protection against everything. These activities of hers have been going on for three years.

She contacted me to obtain proof that aliens, microwaves and people were constantly following her. When she told me her story, I felt so sad for her, that she lived her life in fear and that people were making a good living off her fears. I told her that I would investigate her issues, but she must listen to my findings. These cons were going to meet a pissed off private investigator and expose them as frauds and report them to local authorities, that was my goal. I told her that I would ride with her for three days.

Day 1
She wanted to meet me in a secured location were the microwaves wouldn't penetrate the walls. In Menlo Park, on El Camino Real was a under ground parking structure under an old Safeway store. She said we would be save here, but couldn't stay very long, because they would find her and fry here brains. She said everywhere she went, people were following her, and were waiting for her to arrive wherever she went, as if they could read her mind and knew where to be waiting with there lazer guns to zap her. She had a driver who drove for her. She also had a person sitting in the back seat, his job was to take pictures of license plates of all vehicles around her vehicle. She would write down the license plate numbers on a pad of paper. She had video cameras on her windshield and rear window, with a monitor and VCR taping 24/7 on the back seat next to the person taking pictures. She would rent a vehicle every three days, any longer, they would catch on to her. She ate fast food all three meals in the drive-thru, fear of getting out of her vehicle. The only time she would leave her vehicle was to go to the restroom.

There is a person who lives in North Hollywood she pays to come up to the bay area every month and gives him $10,000.00 to build her a foil hat to wear at night to fight off any microwaves beaming at her head. He also makes her lead tubes that she lye's in while she sleeps.

She has 2 shifts of two people she pays everyday to drove and ride with her, and this guy from North Hollywood. These people are bleeding her dry.

She wanted me to drive so I could see for myself that people were following her. As I started to drive she started to make these sounds, "buzz buzz shuzz shuzz", she said that is the sound of the microwaves in my head, someone is following her very close and firing a lazer at her head, I can feel it. She then would read every plate on every vehicle out loud, saying that, I've seen that car before, there they are, there following us. She said we need to drive to New Mexico, they won't follow us there. Eight long hours went by and I told her that I needed to end the day,I couldn't take any more, we can start up tomorrow.

She asked me to purchase a microwave detector, sound spike, and cell phone jammer. She buys throw away cell phones, she says they can't listen in to my conversation with these phones. I agreed and told her I would see her tomorrow.

She's nuts!!!

Day 2
We met on top of a hill in the Santa Cruz mountains. She had a different vehicle, she only rents SUV's. She told me that in the middle of the night, aliens rented rooms on both sides of me. I could her them talking in their language and felt my brain frying. At 2am we left the motel very quietly and quickly so they wouldn't know that we left. We slept in the car on top of this mountain, they couldn't find us here.

I told her three days but I wasn't sure I could go though it any longer.

I was getting feed up with this guy in the back seat, wasting her money. When I arrived to a safe location, I kicked the guy out of the car. I told her that I wanted to be with her today without any distractions. After driving to Monterey, to San Francisco, to Sacramento and back, it was time to end this. I couldn't waste any more of her money.

My findings
I told her the plain truth, your nuts. Have you ever been seen by a doctor, she laughed and said they all say I am crazy, I said ya you are. There are no aliens following you. There is no one trying to microwave your brains. There is no one following you. These people you pay to be with you are taking advantage of you and sucking you dry. How much money do you have left, she said $700,000.00 out of $3,000,000.00. I told her to fire the drivers, and the North Hollywood con artist. Buy a motor home and travel the country, you never have to be in one place longer than you want to. You can buy all the jammers you want as you travel so you can feel safe. I feel you have become dependent on other people as companions, and this is why you hired these people to be with you 24/7, since the death of your companion. The foil hat and the lead tubes that you sleep in, loose them, they don't do anything. She said I'll have to think about it. When I took this case from you, I told you that you will have to listen to my findings. Don't waste your money on these people. I asked her about the North Hollywood guy, she said he's coming up next week, do you want to meet him, I said I would love too.

The following week
I had contacted the local authorities about this individual and told them about his scam. The local Police were more than happy to help me on this.

The client called me and told me that he was meeting her at a motel. I called the police and they set up a sting. I was with the client in her motel room, when there was a knock at the door. She opened the door and there he stood with 3 large cases. As far has he was concerned I was the new driver. He opened the cases and pulled out a very poorly made foil gun with antennas with a cord attached to headphones. He walked around the room and made some sounds. Adjusted her lead tubes with pliers, and pulled out of his case some aluminum foil to make her a new sleeping hat. This all took thirty minutes at which time he asked for payment of $10,000.00. She wrote him a check, at which time I called the authorities who were next door waiting for my call. I said buddy, I am a private investigator and there are some people who want to talk with you, they will be coming though the door now.

After this case was over I felt okay, I told her the truth, not what she wanted to hear. I told her that these people were not her friends and that they were taking advantage of her. I told her to seek out help with the issues she has, she isn't taking any medications.

She is a nice lady with a few loose screws. She just needed someone to help her that didn't have hidden motives.

The last thing she said to me was, thank you for being honest with me and calling me crazy, I guess people were afraid to tell me the truth.


  1. That is a really sad story...I hope she actually did seek help.

  2. wow, you sure were in the right place at the right time on this one.

  3. I have never heard from her again, YA

  4. It's sad when people like this ask for help that cannot be given because there is no conspiracy out there against them.

    It's sadder that there are also those who try to profit from another person's illness.

    I usually get one enquiry a year along these lines and in about 50% of the time, they had already been to other 'investigators' who were happy to provide assistance at no small cost.


  5. Does this woman have any family? This story breaks my heart and pisses me off - people who take advantage of the sick or elderly. Wow.