Friday, August 20, 2010

Case of "jumping from one bed into another"

Client (wife) with 3 children, ages 5,7,and 9
Subject: male, age 34, 5'10, 200lbs, blond hair

Out of all the cases I've worked, this case still bothers me to my core. Wife told me this story that was difficult for me to believe. She said, I think my husband is having an affair with another women. Monday thru Friday and sometimes on Saturday, he leaves at 4:00 am and goes to work, but he doesn't start work until 9:00 am and doesn't return home until 9:00 pm at night. He never see's his children, our marriage is falling a part. He doesn't have a gym membership, so I need to know, where he is going before work and after work.

Day 1
3:30 am, I arrived at the client and subjects residence. Very nice two story single family dwelling, in a upper middle class neighborhood somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. No lights are on, Subject's 740i BMW is parked in the driveway next to the client's Chevy Tahoo.

4:06 am, subject exits the residence and walks over to his vehicle and drives off. The subject is driving without headlights on. As he turned the corner his lights went on in his BMW.

4:16 am, subject drove to a private residence not far a way. He pulled into the driveway next to a Chevy Tahoo. He exited the vehicle and walked to the front door when he was greeted by a female who was standing in the doorway. They embraced, kissing while closing the door. No lights were on inside of the residence.

8:34 am, The front door of the residence opens and the subject is seen standing in the doorway kissing a female. The female is described as a white female adult, age 30, 5'3, 125lbs, blond hair. He exits the residence waving goodbye to the female blowing a kiss at which time, two small children are seen standing by the female, ages 4 and 8 years of age. They wave to the subject as he gets into his vehicle and drives off.

8:55 am, subject drives to his place of employment.

He jumped out of his wife's bed into his girlfriends bed within thirty minutes.

4:00 pm, the subject gets off work at 5:00 pm, I need to know if he comes here first after work.

5:10 pm, the subjects vehicle just arrived at the residence. He exits his vehicle when the front door opens and the two children exit and run into his arms. They play outside for about forty five minutes playing ball.

5:55 pm, subject and boys enter the residence and are out of my view.

6:30 pm, the front door opens and the subject with his new family enter his vehicle and they drive off.

6:45 pm, they drive to a local restaurant, they exit the vehicle and enter into the restaurant. They are seen sitting at a table inside the restaurant. I enter on foot and sit myself down night next to there table. I pull out my fake cell phone that has a video camera inside with audio and start recording there conversation.

I almost, I was inches from walking over to the restroom area, pull out my cell phone, call the restaurant and ask for the subject. Have them page the subject over the intercom saying, ******** your wife is on the phone. That would have been so cool to do.

8:00 pm, the subject and family exit the restaurant and drive back to her residence. At the front door, he kisses her and the boys and he drives off.

8:15 pm, subject drives to a local bar. I didn't follow

8:40 pm, subject exits the bar and drives off.

9:00 pm Subject arrives back to his residence. Discontinue surveillance.

Day 2 thru 5, subject had the same activities as day one, leaving his residence at 4:00 am, arriving at the girlfriends house. After work was the same also, except for going out to dinner.

This is the hard part:
Time to confront the wife, who I kept in the dark as to her husbands activities of the week. I collected two hours of video of the subject entering a females residence after leaving there home in the morning. Then returning after work to the females residence with her two boys. Video showed her husband embracing and kissing the female. Playing with the boys and showing affection toward them.

I almost started to tear up as I watched this women come completely unglued and bust into tears. She started to rub her arms and face as to wipe away any trace of her lying, cheating husband. She said; the thought of him leaving my bed and jumping into another woman's bed moments later makes me want to throw up. She froze in her sentance, stood up and ran into the bathroom where she threw up. Her children walked into the room as to wonder why there mother was crying and why I was sitting in there living room.

The mother walked into the room and gathered what was left to her family and held them in her arms. She began to tell them that daddy won't be living here anymore, he has a new family. The children started to sob and bust into tears along with there mother.

She said thank you for finding out the truth, now I can start to rebuild my family. I exited the residence with a horrible feeling in my soul. I just witnessed a family being torn apart.

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