Sunday, June 12, 2011

Case of "#1 mean person"

Subject female, age 65, injured her low back several years ago. She is claiming 100% disabled, she can't walk without her walker, or a cane. She never leaves her residence, and if she does,She needs assistance from someone to get into a vehicle. She can't drive any longer due to her injury. Her final hearing is in two weeks, amount to be rewarded $300,000.00. I need to determine if she is disabled as she claims she is.

Day 1
6:00 am, I arrived at the subjects residence somewhere in California. Residence is located on a quite court in a middle class neighborhood, it is described as a single family dwelling, double car garage is off to the left, front entrance is located on the left side of the residence down a walkway which is not viewable from the street, lawn area is well kept. Blinds and curtains are closed, no lights were on, no activity to report.

Parked in the driveway is a older model 740i BMW, and a new model Subaru SUV. Parked curbside directly in front of the residence is a Honda mini van, with a disabled placker hanging from the rear view mirror.

10:00 am, no movement from inside of the residence. I need to determine if the subject is home. I placed a call into the residence and the subject answered the phone, she is home.

2:00 pm, discontinue surveillance due to inactivity.

Day 2
7:00 am, I arrived at the subjects residence, there doesn't appear to be any change from yesterday, blinds and curtains closed, no lights on, and the vehicles are parked in the same location as yesterday.

10:12 am, a female matching the subjects description is seen walking toward the street on her walkway, and walks over to the Honda mini van that is parked curbside on the street. A male adult is also seen walking toward the vehicle, he is also in his 60's.

Now at this point I have never seen the subject, so she is considered a possible subject until she is confirmed the subject.

I have the subjects cell phone number, at which time I call the number when the possible subject is in plan view. Call is placed and the possible subject is seen reaching into her purse and pulls out what appears to be a cell phone. She places the phone to her ear and says hello. I am parked directly across the street in my surveillance van that has blacked out windows. I can read her lips as she says hello, I hung up and it is confirmed the subject.

Subject is walking in a normal manner without the aid of any medical devise such as a walker or cane. Subject walks around to the driver side door, opens the door with her right hand, and enters the vehicle, closing the door with her left hand. Male adult enters the passenger front door. Subject drives off away from the residence, in pursuit. Video was rolling the moment she came into view. I have already disproved her claim as to the fact that she never leaves her residence, never drives, and has to have a medical devise to aid her as she walks.

10:34 am, Subject drives to a large shopping plaza and parks her vehicle in a handicap parking space. She exits her door without the aid of any medical devices, then walks toward a Walgreens and enters with the male adult and out of view. Video rolling.

I quickly park my van and enter the Walgreen's with covert cell phone video camera clipped on my belt.

As I enter, I observe the subject standing in the photo department. I get as close as possible without jeopardizing the surveillance. After waiting in line for twenty minutes, I observe the subject interacting with the clerk as she orders a enlargement of a photo.

She exits the store with the male adult and walk into several small shops, I didn't follow. Video was obtained from a distance.

11:35 am, Subject is walking toward a HomeTown Buffet at the plaza and enters, darn I must follow!!! I let several people enter before me for what is called "pad", to give me cover.

I watched carefully where the subject placed her belongings at a bench table. I was lucky that a table directly one table away was empty. I quickly served and seated myself to prepare for the subject to return at her table. I turned my iphone on, put it on it's side and turned on video, resting the screen side up against the salt and pepper and napkins. Observed the subject walking holding a plate of food, walking what appears to be normal without the aid of any medical devices.

For the next hour, the subject went back for 3 plates of food, and two small plates of deserts. Video was being taken the entire time.

When I am in a close area with a subject, NEVER, can I make eye contact.

12:45 pm, subject gets up from her table with the male adult and exits the restaurant. They walk towards her vehicle, the subject opens the vehicle door. At this time I am running back to my vehicle to get ready for pursuit. As I entered my vehicle, I observed the subject exiting her door and walking toward and into a Ross Dress for Less store. The male stayed in the vehicle, good choice!

Now I need cover whenever I enter a store. This store sells dresses, I won't get any cover in this store, so I stayed inside my vehicle, setup and waiting for her to exit the store.

She shopped for two hours, who in their right mind shops for two hours in one store!!! When I shop, I walk to the pants or shirts, find my size, off to the counter to pay for it and out of the store in less ten ten minutes, now that's how your shop, well at least that's how guy's shop.

She exits the store with nothing in her hands!!!!!!!!

Not only did she shop for two hours, she didn't even buy anything!!!!!!!

She gets into her vehicle, the male adult, he's fast asleep, too funny, and they drove out of the parking lot.

2:45 pm, subject drives 4 blocks and into a Kohl s shopping plaza. I am thinking no way, I am exhausted just waiting for her to stop shopping.

She drives to a McDonalds and parks. Subject and male exit the vehicle and walk into McDonalds and out of view.

Now I had two plates of food and I am still full, she had four plates and two plates of desert, where is she putting it.

2:56 pm, subject and male exit McDonalds with a white bag of food, while the male carries two drinks. They enter the vehicle and drive off.

3:25 pm, the subject drives directly home and parks her vehicle curbside, just as she left it earlier.

I regain my position and get video of her exiting her vehicle and walking into her residence and out of view, without the aid of any medical devices, walking what appears to be normal.

5:00pm, discontinue surveillance due to inactivity.

Summary: I disproved her claim of being 100% disabled. She claims she never leaves the residence and walks with the aid of a medical device such as a walker or a cane. She drove which she claimed she couldn't. 1-3/4 hours of video was obtained of the subject as she walked without the aid of any medical devices, drove, bent at the waist to enter a vehicle, stood inline, sat at a booth, walked with plates of food inside of a restaurant.

I was called in to testify at her hearing, and to bring my evidence with me on a SD Card, which will be played on my 17 inch MacBook Pro.

Court Day 1

7:00 am, I arrived at the court house to find an advantage point to obtain video of the subject arriving to court. There is an open parking lot, curbside metered parking, and a covered parking garage. Since the subject has a handicap placker, she will most likely park in the curbside handicap parking.

I placed my laptop inside a very large plain brown cardboard box, 3 ft x 3 ft box. I wanted to play mind games, will explain later.

There is a cafeteria not far away from the courtrooms which I can see most of the parking out a window from the cafeteria. I set up surveillance in the cafeteria and waited for the subject to arrive.

8:09 am, the subject is observed walking up to the courthouse, I didn't see where she parked her vehicle.

I couldn't believe my eyes in what I was witnessing. The subject is using a medical walker, taking baby steps as she approaches the court house, with the aid of the male adult who was with her during my surveillance. He had his arms around hers, assisting her walk with the walker. lol, couldn't believe it, I am in for some courtroom theatrics. Video rolling.

8:11 am, subject finally made it to the same floor I was on, second floor. I was sitting down in the cafeteria at a table in the back left corner.

The subjects hearing is set for 9:00 am, the only one calendared for the morning.

There is only the subject, male friend, and myself in the cafeteria at this time. Subject is clueless to who I am.

The subject is expecting to be awarded $300,000.00 today from the insurance company, this is a settlement hearing.

8:21 am, a male adult dressed in a suit arrives and walks over to the subject and has a conference, must be her attorney. Then the attorney looks over at me with a stare. He talks more with the subject, then looks back at me, I wave at him, then he walks over to me. He asks who I was, since there was only one case scheduled for a hearing this morning. He looks at the huge box placed on the table in front of me with the ends folded in. He says, are you here for a hearing? I said maybe, he looks at the box and says, what's in the box, I say, something!!!! This comment totally pissed this guy off. Remember, the subject woke up this morning thinking she going to be awarded $300,000.00, and the attorney will get his cut of 30%, which is $90,000.00. He has a lot vested in this case, a big paycheck. Still pissed he said, are you a private investigator? I said maybe, WOW, this guy came unglued at the seams, at which time our attorney walked into the cafeteria and walked over to my table. The tension was so thick in the air, you could cut it with a knife. Subjects attorney turned to our attorney and said, is he a private investigator, our attorney said, well if you want to know that, you will have to put your client on the witness stand so I can ask her some questions first. His face turned ten shades of red and walked off very fast, LOL.

My attorney said, whats in the box, I opened the lids and showed him, he laughed and said, nice one, great visual on the box. Did you tell him whats in the box, I said no, but he became very unbalanced with me when he asked and I wouldn't show him. Talk about a trump card, he thinks we must have a pile of evidence against his client.

Subject and attorney talk, every few seconds they both look over at me. I can tell the subject is upset with my presence. I am sure he is asking her, did you do anything recently that would jeopardize our case.

9:00 am, both attorneys are called into court to speak with the judge. This is custom to do to try to get both sides to settle to avoid a court hearing which takes up so much time.

This leaves me with the subject and male adult alone in the cafeteria, talk about tense!!!

9:20 am, both attorneys walk back into the cafeteria. Our attorney said that the judge whats us to try and settle vs a hearing.

I can see the subject and her attorney talking, her head movements tell me she doesn't want to settle, she wants all $300,000.00.

10:00 am, both attorney's are called back into court.

10:35 am, attorney's return back into the cafeteria. Attorney confirmed my feelings, she wants it all.

The attorney's exit and enter a private room to talk settlement. Our attorney offers $130,000.00 settlement.

Subjects attorney returns back into the cafeteria alone and conferences with the subject. I can see her facial expression, she's not excepting this offer. He exits room and returns to tell our attorney the news.

Moments later they both return to the cafeteria. I was told that the subject isn't going to except any reduced offer. $300,000.00 or lets go to a hearing.

11:00 am, both attorney's and only the subject are called into the courtroom. Subject slowly stands up with the aid from her attorney. She grabs tightly onto the walker and slowly walks out of the cafeteria. I can't believe this, just put me on the stand and get this charade over with.

11:25 am, They exit the courtroom and I am told the hearing is set for 1:30 pm this afternoon. I saw the subject walking down the hall walking very slowly, baby steps, putting on a big show for everyone to witness.

I exit the courthouse fast with my huge box, I need to follow the subject until she return back from the break, surveillance is still on.

Observed subject walking over to her vehicle parked in a handicap parking space curbside, just outside the courthouse. She enters her vehicle with male adult, and she drives away. Video rolling.

I book it to my vehicle and pursue the subject as she drives off.

12:00 pm, subject drives back to her residence. She opens her vehicle door and walks out normally without the aid of any medical devise, IT'S A MIRACLE!!!! lol, BUSTED!!!! video rolling.

12:10 pm, subject exits her residence with male adult, she enters her vehicle and drives off. Again without the aid of any medical devices, video rolling.

12:16 pm, subject drives to a small plaza and parks in front of a Chinese restaurant. I needed gas, there was a gas station located in the same plaza. After getting gas, I saw a McDonalds in the same plaza. I park my vehicle, still watching the subjects vehicle and enter McDonalds. As I was about to walk into the lobby, I observed the subject and male adult sitting down inside of McDonalds. I didn't think she saw me and didn't want any confrontation from the subject. I exited quickly and got into my vehicle. I drove though the drive though and ordered.

12:45 pm, subject and male adult exit McDonalds and drive off. Subject once again is seen walking without the aid from a medical device and walking normally. video rolling.

1:10 pm, subject arrives back to the courthouse and parks in a different parking space, but still next to the courthouse.

Subject exits her vehicle very slowly, opens the side door and retrieves her medical device walker. She is seen walking very slowly toward the courthouse with the aid from the male adult. Video rolling.

I park my vehicle quickly and then entered the courthouse. As I reached the cafeteria I was shocked as to what I saw. I saw lots and lots of Chinese people everywhere. The subject was already in the cafeteria when I arrived with my big cardboard box. Once again talk about tension, they were all looking at me. If looks could kill!!!

During the break, the subject must have made calls for her family and friends to show up for support at her hearing.

I walked to a table that wasn't being used, way in the back. I placed my box on the table and sat down. I was trying not to bust up laughing, I was dieing inside with laughter.

After I settled at my table everyone started to stare at me with mean, lets get him kind of looks.

1:30 pm, subject with both attorney's were called into court, leaving me alone with all these Chinese people. lol

They all started talking in Chinese, very funny, then all of a sudden this 4'8, 90 year old little gray haired Chinese lady walked up to me. She's 3 feet from me, everyone was looking at me. She raised her right hand and point at me and said in Chinese English tone, "YOU NUMBER ONE MEAN PERSON", shaking her hand at me as she said it. lol Then returned back to her seat, then everyone went back to speaking Chinese. I need to get out of here.

1:40 pm, I was summoned to the courtroom, I was thinking YES, get me out of here. I picked up my big cardboard box very slowly, looking at all the Chinese people with a look on my face, your gramdma, sister, auntie, friend, IS BUSTED!!! and walked out.

I entered the courtroom and saw the subject sitting at a table with her attorney. I sat down in a chair, court is in session.

Court will now come to session, please all arise, I looked to where the voice was coming from, it was a bailiff.

Judge walks in from a private door behind his large desk.

Please be seated, says the bailiff.

Judge asks if everyone is ready to precede, both attorney's nod.

Judge looks at the subjects attorney and says, call you first witness. He called the claimant, who is the subject.

She is read in, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me god, subject says I do. I am thinking, she's going to choke on those words.

She slowly stands up and all of a sudden I hear groaning sounds as she try's to stands up. Her attorney says, can I help you, she says, no I can make it with my walker. More groans as she takes hold of her walker, taking baby steps. Groans come with each step she takes. It seemed like it took her five minutes to travel twenty feet. She put on a huge show for the judge.

Now remember, the judge doesn't know anything about the subject, except for the fact that she was injured at one time and is claiming 100 % disabled. He doesn't know I have evidence against her. He can only pass judgement on what he hears in court and see's.

Subject takes the stand and is asked simple easy questions, he's done in fifteen minutes.

Time for cross-examination. I am thinking, now were talking, grill her, make her break apart on the stand, thinking Perry Mason here.

Our attorney asks some easy questions at first, like, do you live at **************, CA. Did you receive an injury in 2007 from performing this task at work. Questions like this.

Then the hard questions started to come out. Have you performed anything that you said you couldn't do, due to your injury, I am thinking, answer the question. She said no, I am thinking, your going to jail for insurance fraud.

More intense questioning and all of a sudden the subject starts to break down on the stand by crying, uncontrollably. More intense questioning and she is crying even more. Then she says, "why are you treating a old lady that is handicapped so mean", questions continued along with the crying, until the judge asked the subject if she would like to take a break, she said yes. Judge said, let's all take a ten minute break.

Subject stands up and walks the same way as she did walking to the stand, slow. I stayed seated, didn't want angry Chinese people looking at me.

Subject retook the stand and finished our attorney's questioning. She stood up and slowly walked back to her table next to her attorney, making these groaning sounds like she was dieing.

I was called up to the stand, I stood up, sworn in, picked up my big cardboard box with a small laptop inside and sat down on the witness stand. Our attorney didn't even get his first question out of his mouth when the subjects attorney stood up and said, your honor, may we approach the bench. I was shocked, so was our attorney. Her attorney wasn't stupid, he knew that if I testified against the subject, there's more than a good chance that his client would go to jail for insurance fraud. He didn't know how much evidence I had inside of my big cardboard box, but it scared the pants off him and it worked, my trump card, this almost empty huge box, we had a atom bomb trump card.

Now I am five feet from the attorney's as they talk with the judge. After several minutes, the attorneys return back to there seats, the judge lifts up his gavel, pounds it down on his desk, says case dismissed, a settlement had been reached. The judge stands up, exits the courtroom though a private door just behind his desk.

I am shocked and pissed, I wanted the judge and the subject to see my evidence. I wanted justice to be served and for her to go to jail. Most of all I wanted to see the subject's attorney's face as I open my big cardboard box and pull out a laptop.

Subjects attorney talks to the subject and she's mad as all get out. She picked up her medical walker and walks out of court almost running. She exits the courtroom, and disappears, I follow and by the time I am outside the courtroom, she is down the hall at the elevators. I book it to the stairs and as I am reaching the first floor, she is at the front doors. I exit the courthouse and pull out my camera and start videoing her walking very fast while carrying her walker in her hands. Her male friend had a hard time keeping up with her. She was almost to her vehicle when I looked further down the street and observed the judge who just heard this case in his courtroom, witnessed her walking very slowly, groaning at every step, a very disabled person, walk past him very fast carrying her medical walker in her hands as she walked. He stopped and starred at her as she passed him. She reached her vehicle, opened the back door, threw her medical walker into the back end, slamming the door, gets into the drivers seat, male friend just entered as she peels off. I am thinking, I couldn't write a script as good as what I just witnesses. Video rolling.

Once I stopped videoing, I observed the judge walk back into court.

I am thinking WOW this is great!!!

I walk back to the courtroom and see all her Chinese friends leaving the courtroom. I walked up to our attorney and told him what I just witnessed and filmed. I asked what in the world happen. He told me that at the bench with the subjects attorney, he wanted to take the $130,000.00. I said there is no way I will except that amount. He countered at $100,000.00, then $75,000.00, every time I said know way, $50,000.00, $30,000.00. I said, I will settle $10,000.00 to keep your client out of jail. He excepted, he walked over to his client, told his client and she blew a gasket. That's when she exited the courtroom like a tornado.

As I was getting my laptop out of my box, I observed our attorney talking with the judge who had heard this case, he looked upset. Moments later the judge walks away and our attorney comes up to me. He said, the judge saw what took place outside. He doesn't know what evidence I possessed but wanted to view my video. He hasn't filed any settlement yet and won't until he views all evidence in this case. He was upset that a claimant used his courtroom in an attempt to commit fraud while under oath. I am thinking, YES THERE IS JUSTICE AFTER ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few days later I learned that the judge overturned his original judgement for a settlement. Had viewed all my video. Had handed over to the District Attorney all evidence and is waiting for criminal charges to be officially filed against her. She will have to repay five years of insurance money back to the insurance company plus penalties. She may be facing up to five years in jail.

All she had to do was except $130,000.00 and go home and live out her life. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Case of "Camping at Mt. Madonna on the 4th of July"

Subject male, age 22, 5'10, 170lbs, black hair, brown eyes, injured low back and neck in 08, pallets fell on him at work. Claiming that he can't walk or stand more than 5 minutes, lift more than 20lbs, bend at the waist or get on the ground, and drive. Walks with a cane. Claiming 80% disabled for life.

Insurance Company is ready to settle this case in August for lump sum of $300,000.00. They need to know if he is still injured as he claims.

Day 1
5:oo am Arrived at the subjects residence and set up surveillance, found a location where I can observe the front door and all vehicles present at the residence. Residence is set on a steep hill in a upper middle class area of South San Jose, back of the residence faces HWY 101. There are two ways the subject can exit the neighborhood, both are viewable from one location. Subjects Honda Fit CA plate 6****** is parked in the driveway. No lights are on inside of the residence, no activity to report.

If there is no activity from the subject by the four hour mark which is 9:00 am, I have to make contact, need to make sure the subject is home.

9:00 am There has been no activity from the subject. Exiting my surveillance van, I am wearing my covert sunglasses equip with hidden color video camera, HD DVR with 8 gig with audio.

Before approaching the front door, I turned on the camera. Since this is the first contact and I don't know what he looks like, I need video of the subject.

I knocked on the front door, subjects mother answered the door. I asked for the subject, she replied saying that he was still asleep. She said just a moment than walked out of my view. Moments later, the subject appeared at the front door. Subject walked normally as he approached the front door from the back of his living room. He supported himself as he stood and wasn't using a cane or any form of artificial support devices. As I was speaking to the subject I was making sure I was moving my head up and down to get a full body shot of the subject on video. I said goodbye and walked down the street in the opposite direction of my surveillance vehicle. I do this because 8 out of 10 times I am watched as I walk to see where I go and what vehicle I get into.

Obtained video of the subject walking in a normal manner without the aid of any device, and a ID shot.

9:25 am I arrived back at my surveillance vehicle after walking around the block. Setup surveillance, subjects vehicle was still parked in the driveway.

1:00 pm Discontinued surveillance due to inactivity.

Day 2
July 4th
6:00 am I arrived and set up surveillance, no lights were on and no activity to report. Subjects vehicle was parked in the driveway.

8:30 am A vehicle, large truck with shell pulled up in front of the subject residence and parked blocking the driveway. A male adult exited and opened the back end of his vehicle. Male started to pull out 2 large ice chests and carried them into the residence and out of view. Inside of the vehicle I can see tents, a pull-up canopy, camping stove and other camping equipment.

I usually carry with me at all times, a tent, sleeping bag, fishing pole, golf club, extra clothing, just in case I follow a subject out of town, happens all the time.

8:45 am The garage door opens.

8:50 am Two males and a female are seen inside of the garage, the female is the subjects mother. They start to carry what appears to be camping items into the truck.

9:00 am The subject walks out of the garage carrying a large ice chest, busted! He is walking without the aid of any devices, and in a normal manner. The chest appears to be heavy, over the 20lb limit the subject said he could carry. Subject is arching his back and his arms seemed to be straining as he carry's the ice chest over to the truck and places it into the back of the truck. After placing the ice chest into the back of the truck, the subject didn't grab his back or rub his neck, and didn't appear to be in any pain. Subject walked back into the garage and out of view.

9:02 am Subject walks out a bike and lifts it into the back end of the truck, interesting! He then walks back into the garage and out of view.

9:15 am The male driver of the truck exits the garage and walks over to his vehicle, enters and drives off alone.

9:30 am A mini van pulled up to the residence. Male adult exited the vehicle and walked into the garage and out of view.

9:35 am Male driver, female (mother), female in her 80's, male in his 20's exit the garage and enter the mini van. Subject exits the garage, stops and turns toward the garage door. Raising his arms above his head, subject pulls down the garage door in one swift motion. He then enters the mini van and sits in the back left seat. The vehicle departs and I am in pursuit.

9:40 am The vehicle drives to a local gas station on Monterey Road to get gas, subject stays inside of the vehicle.

9:46 am Vehicle exits gas station.

9:49 am Vehicle enters onto HWY 101 southbound.

10:11 am Vehicle exits onto 152 west and drive up into the mountains.

10:50 am Vehicle arrives at the Pacific coast at a state beach between Castroville and Watsonville. There is a line to get into the parking lot of the state beach, I was four vehicles back. Subjects vehicle entered and parked, I could see where they parked when a park ranger carried out a sign that said, lot full. Subject and the other members of the van exit and walk toward the ocean. The state beach is full to its max and I needed to find a place to park fast. I ditched my vehicle alongside of the road and ran toward the beach. At this time I have lost visual contact of the subject. Wearing my covert sunglasses, I ran toward the beach to regain visual contact. There were hundreds of people on the beach. As I was running through the parking lot I saw the truck that was at the subjects residence earlier that day. I observed a group of people just entering the sand wen I spotted the subject in that group, close one.

During a surveillance when the subject becomes active, you can NEVER lose visual contact.

The weather is cold and overcast. The group turned around and walked back toward the two vehicles, moments later they enter there vehicles. At this time I am running again back to my vehicle, as I reach my vehicle, the vehicle the subject is in, exits the parking lot. I am in pursuit.

11:30 am Subjects vehicle is heading toward the mountains on HWY 152 east.

11:48 am Subjects vehicle drives to a state camping grounds on Mt. Madonna. There is a long line to reach the ranger booth. I parked along side the road and exited my vehicle and walk toward the ranger booth. I have to be very careful at this point, yesterday I was at the subjects front door talking to him. I can't be seen walking by his vehicle, so I entered into the woods until I was past the ranger station. I approached the station and listened to the ranger talk to a couple in a vehicle entering into the camp grounds. They had reservations and over heard the ranger stating that the park was full. I didn't have a reservation and knew I had to sneak in. I took a map of the camping areas, there were 4 large areas. I walked into the grounds and entered back into the woods and returned back to my vehicle. As I sat in my vehicle I noticed that vehicles were driving past the ranger station without stopping, they had a white piece of paper in there upper left dash, they waived to the ranger as they went though, the ranger looked up but was too busy talking to people to really notice. I put a white piece of paper into my left dash, the worst that could happen is I get kicked out, right. I started up my vehicle, driving slow, as I approached the ranger station, I waived to the ranger, he waived back and entered into the camping grounds, that was so cool!!!!

Now I don't know where the subject is going to set up camp or at what area. I parked my vehicle in a shady area and waited for the subject to pass. If the subject drove past my vehicle, he could be in area 1 or 2, if he turns right 3 or 4.

20 minutes later the subjects vehicle turned right toward 3 and 4 camping areas. Subjects vehicle drove into area 3. The map shows 60 camping sites for area 3, I parked my vehicle in the guest area just outside area 3 and entered into the woods on foot to find the subject. This is thick with brush and trees, and the hills, there is no flat ground. Area 3 is located on a downward sloop.

Subject is observed in campsite 1*thru 1*. The group the subject is with have three campsites. Subjects is up against the woods, the other two are directly across the road. I set surveillance 200 feet back into the woods and observe the subject. I left my vehicle without any surveillance equipment, so I walked back to my vehicle. I only wanted to make one trip so I carried everything in one load, tent, folding chair, sleeping bag, tri-pod and video camera, digital recorder, laptop, wireless video mini camera size of a dime. The area I am in has really good cover and I can't be seen from the subject camp site.

I set up my surveillance post and get a lay of the land. I can see all three camp sites from my vantage point, I am up on a hill looking down at the subject. I set up my video camera on a tri-pod and start filming subject unloading the truck and setting up his tent. Subject is bending at the waist, kneeling on the ground, sitting on the ground. Subject unloads a bike that he was seen loading into the truck back at his residence. After subject is completed setting up his camp, he joins the remainder of the group. At this time, the group consists of two vehicles, the mini van the subject drove up in and a truck. There is a large tent, pull up canopy and 2 small tents up at this time in three camp sites.

1:30 pm Food is being prepared and the subject is eating. I just remembered that I didn't have any food with me, except for some snacks I keep in my van for Lexxi my granddaughter. Since they are eating and the subject had already set up camp, I need to obtain food. I set up my tent and placed my surveillance gear inside my sleeping bag, hopefully no one will go inside my tent, if they did, all they will see is a sleeping bag. I drive out of the state park camping grounds, driving by the ranger at the station, I wave to him as I drive by. lol

I drive into Gilroy and buy enough food for three days.

2:30 pm As I approached the state park camping grounds, I was worried that I wouldn't get back in. Upon arrival there was a long line to enter the park, once again I drove very slowly with a white piece of paper in the upper left corner of my dash, waived to the ranger dude, he waived back and I drove though. Arrived back to my surveillance post to find nothing had been disturbed, was worried. With enough food for three days, don't know how long the subject will be camping for. While eating my lunch I observed the subject walking between camps really not doing anything.

3:15 pm Two vehicle arrive, a black small truck and a mini van. Three people exited the truck and 7 exit the van. Subject is seen helping to unload the truck, 2 more bikes are unloaded.

3:22 pm Subject walks over to his camp, gets onto his bike and rides across the road to the other camp where the small truck is. I am very excited at this point, I fold up my tri-pod and camera and look for a better and closer vantage point of the subject riding his bike. My surveillance post view is limited to the camp sites, not the road.

I find a suitable spot just down from the camp sites along side the road in the brush. Video is obtained of the subject riding his bike, doing wheelies, jumping, and a few tricks who he shows off too the other members of the camp. Remember he's claiming 80% disabled, cant walk or stand, ect... After getting twenty minutes of video, subject gets off his bike, I return back to my post.

It looks like the main camp is not the subjects, but where the pull-up canopy is, this is where they ate and are gathered. Behind this camp site are woods for about 50 feet to the next camp. Some how I need to get closer to the main group for better video. I want to place a wireless black and white video camera in a tree, so I can get a different angle to the subject, there is a dead spot in that camp where I can't see whats going on. I will have to wait for everyone to leave for this to happen.

4:02 pm The group including the subject go on a nature hike and leave the camp sites empty. I now have my chance to insert my wireless camera inside there main camp, this is so 007. I climbed a tree, not far up, eight feet, into a V of a limb, aiming the lens toward the table and cooking areas and the dead spot, I will be able to see all angles now. The range is 600 feet without walls so I am well inside my range to my surveillance post. I exited into the woods, didn't want to take a chance of anyone seeing me walk though there camp, and up to my post. The receiver, the other component of the wireless camera, I tuned it in and had a good signal. I could now see what the subject was doing from that angle from my computer screen.

5:00 pm The group with the subject return to there camp. I turn on my computer and it is working like a charm. I can see everything inside of the main camp. The subject is sitting down at a table with six others, they are playing cards.

6:30 pm The subject is eating dinner with the rest of his group.

7:15 pm The subject walks toward my wireless camera, my heart stops. He continues walking into the woods. He is now out of my view, I spring into action running down the hill in the woods with my video camera in hand to find the subject. Minutes went by with no visual on the subject when he was seen gathering wood. Video continued on the subject as he bent at the waist to pick up branches and small logs. He carried them back to camp, then returned to gather more wood. The subject bent at the waist and tried to pick up a large log. Too big to carry he dragged the log into camp which got a reaction for the camp. Subject then is seen with an axe in his hand and starts to cut up the log. With back swings over his left shoulder and downward to the log, he chopped, this video was awesome. He continued at this for almost forty minutes.

8:30 pm Subject is sitting at a table playing cards.

9:30 pm It is starting to get dark, my wireless camera is 2 lux and able to get video up to a point.

10:00 pm I decided it was time to relocate my surveillance due to the darkness, I can't see anything any longer and video from my camera wasn't available. I walked to the road and observed the subject sitting at a table in the main camp still playing cards, it seems this is the main attraction. Between the two camp sites are bushes, five feet thick. I positioned myself in the middle of these bushes, not very comfortable, but I can see and hear the subject, from this time on I used my digital voice recorder to track his movements.

There is a large fire now and the subject is seen picking up logs and placing them into the fire. It is getting cold and I left my jacket in my van, time to man up.

I was concerned about the battery life on my laptop, it was recording the images from the wireless camera, didn't know if it was still recording or not.

12:00 midnight, subject is still playing cards. Most of the camp has gone to sleep except for three, the subject being one of them. The fire was getting low, the subject stood up from the table, and walked over to the fire. Now the subject has been sitting in one position for over an hour. When the subject stood up, he didn't stretch, grab his back, rub his neck for discomfort. He placed the last two logs onto the the fire and sat back down at the table.

It is very cold sitting in a bush and I am freezing at this point.

1:30 am I am frozen, hoping that this night will end. The fire is almost out, seeing that hot fire thirty feet away and freezing was hard to handle. Finally the subject and the other two stand up and walk out of camp. I am so cold I can barely move at this point, the subject crosses the road toward his tent and enters.

I have to wait for everyone to leave in order to exit my surveillance position. I exit and walk up the hill into the woods to my tent. At this point I am very cold, inside my tent and sleeping bag was cold. I decided to take all my surveillance equipment, leaving my tent and walk toward my van, turned on the engine for heat and slept in my van, wise choice.

End of day 2, eight hours of video was taken of the subject as he loaded and unloaded a vehicle, carried a ice chest, rode a bike, chopped wood, set up his tent, bent at the waist and sat at a table for long period of time. Good day.

Day 3
6:00 am I exit my van and walk to my surveillance post carrying all my equipment. No one was up at any of the camp sites. I prepared my breakfast and set up the equipment. It is cold out, I am so glad I made the proper choice in sleeping in my van.

8:45 am People are starting to move in the camp sites, no activity from the subject.

9:00 am Breakfast is being served.

9:05 am Subject exits from his tent and walks over to where breakfast is being served. Subject is walking in a normal manner without the aid of any artificial support devices. He sits down at a table and starts to eat.

9:18 am Subject stands up and walks out of camp and back to his tent. He enters the tent, moments later exits wearing different clothes, blue jeans, white and yellow shirt.

9:23 am Subject gets on his bike and rides across the road to the main camp area. Subject is met with two other males with there bikes. They ride out of the camp and down the road, rats I wasn't prepared for that. I take the video camera off the tri-pod and run though the woods to catch up to the subject. They are riding in the direction of my van. By the time I reach my van they are out of sight. I enter my vehicle, look at the map of the state park camp grounds and it shows a bike trail. I drive off in that direction hoping to catch up to them. I drive to a place where I think they entered but couldn't see them. On the map shows a overlook into the mountain valley and I can drive to it, the bike trail passes right next to it.

9:50 am I arrive at the overlook and watch for the subject. The path is active with bikers, but I know what the subject is wearing. Moments later I locate the subject coming toward me on the bike trail. I get my camera set up on the tri-pod inside the back of my van and starting filming the subject riding his bike past me. The map of the state park shows the complete bike path, there is one other point where I may be able to see the subject.

10:10 am There is no certainty that I will find the subject again. If he passes through here I will be ready.

10:35 am The subject is spotted on the bike path coming toward me off in a distance. Moments later subject comes into view and video is recorder of him riding his bike. There is a fantastic view of the valley toward the Pacific Ocean. The subject stopped and got off his bike with the other two, then got back on and continued down the path and out of view.

I didn't see any other places on the map that I could drive to, so I drove back to the camp area and waited for him to return.

11:25 am The subject arrives back to camp and rides his bike over to where the truck is. He picks up the bike and places it into the back of the truck. Subject then walks over to his tent and enters, moments later he exits. Subject is now breaking down his tent. The other camps are in the same process of breaking down camp.

Subject is seen on the ground on his knee's folding up his tent and rolling up his sleeping bag. He then walks across the road and places his tent, sleeping bag and a bag into the back of the truck. Subject then helps others in loading the truck up with items. Subject walks over to the ice chest and picks it up, seems lighter than yesterday, due to his body language.

11:55 am The camp is now packed up, subject gets into the mini van he came in and the vans departs with all the other vehicles.

12:30 pm Subjects vehicle that he is in entered onto Hwy 101 north towards San Jose.

1:15 pm Subjects vehicle exits freeway and seems to be heading in the direction of his residence. I decided that I have obtained enough evidence against him that I shouldn't risk being detected following him back to his residence for more video.

My job was to observe the subject, place him under surveillance and to determine if his injuries are as the subject claims they are.

My conclusion
This is a case of insurance fraud and should be handed over to the District Attorneys for possible criminal charges and jail time if convicted.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Case of "2:30 am garbage grab and run"

Client: ex-wife
Subject: male, age 40, 6'0, 175lbs, brown hair

Subject is a CEO of a large Electronic firm somewhere in the Silicon Valley. Client suspects that ex-husband (subject) is either selling cocaine or has a drug addiction in access of one million dollars a year. She needs proof of his drug activity as to get full custody of there three children. She doesn't want the children to be around this environment.

Day 1
5:00 am, I arrived at the subject's residence which is in the Los Altos Hills. Residence is ten thousand square foot estate, which is located at the end of a court. He has a six foot iron rod fence with security camera's throughout the property. He can view everything that drives down the court. There are large bay windows throughout the residence with no coverings.

Subjects Porsche, 740i BMW and Lamborghini are parked in the driveway.

No lights are on and no sign of the subject.

8:00 am, subject exits the front door, he is dressed casually. Walks over to the BMW, gets in and drives to the security gate and stops. The gate opens and the subject drives off out of the area.

8:25 am, the subject drives to his place of employment. He drives into a under ground parking struction of his building and out of view.

Client suspects that his secretary is involved also in drugs.

11:25 am, subject exits the parking garage driving his BMW alone.

11:58 am, subject drove downtown San Jose and stopped at a corner, at which time a male approached his vehicle. Subjects window rolled down and a large object was seen exiting his vehicle though the window. The male grabbed the package and walked away. Subject started up his vehicle and drove off.

This is a possible good sign of drug activity.

12:20 pm, subject drove to a up scale restaurant, parked his vehicle and walked inside alone.

I followed on foot and observed the subject talking with two males. They were seated and I sat down at a table close enough to over hear his conversation.

Subject at one point did reference the use of cocaine, but that was it.

1:30 pm, Subject exited the restaurant and drove back to his office.

5:00 pm, Subject exits the parking garage and drives off in his BMW.

5:35 pm, Subject returns home.

Discontinued surveillance.

Day 2
2:30 am, I arrived close to the subjects residence with a good friend Benny, we were there to grab the subjects garbage. Going though someones garbage will tell me what they are doing, receipts, discarded bills, ATM bank statements, the list goes on. I was hoping to find something that would tie the subject to any drug activity.Now the garbage containers had to be on the curb or on the street for me to legally remove the garbage.

Now we needed to do this very quietly so the subject didn't hear us and not to activate the security lights.

We parked at the beginning of the court and exited my vehicle. I have auto censors on my headlights so we applied black electrical tape across the censor so the lights wouldn't go on. We got back into my vehicle and drove to the end of the court very slowly next to the subject's residence. We exited my vehicle and opened the back tailgate when the lights went on, didn't plan on that happening, it scared the crap out of us. The security lights went on, I brought a empty garbage container so we could dump the contents into my container, we ran over to the subjects garbage cans, two of them, picked them up and water came pouring out all over us. It had rained earlier, didn't count on that happening. Dumped the contents into my garbage container, threw it into the back of my vehicle and drove off very fast. As we were leaving lights went on inside of the residence. We placed the subjects garbage containers in the same place as we found them, so the subject wouldn't discover anything unless he lifted up the lid of his containers.

9:00 am, I needed to document this by video so if used in court there wouldn't be any issues as to my discovery.

I set up my tripod and placed a video camera on it and started recording as I opened the garbage bags. After going though the bags, I found needles, white power in small baggies that may have contained cocaine, end of video.

I went back on two other nights grabbing the subjects garbage, never found anything that would connect the subject to dealing drugs. Found evidence of self usage, but wouldn't stand up in court.

Our findings were inconclusive, case closed.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Case "right out of a Perry Mason episode"

Subject: female, age 40, 5'5, 150lbs, black hair.
Injury: back and neck, 100% disabled
Settlement ready to be paid of $600,000.00

This was a RUSH, two day surveillance before the settlement hearing in two weeks.

Day 1
6:00 am, I arrived at the subjects residence which was inside of a mobile home park, somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Residence is described as a double wide trailer with the front door on the left side in a covered patio. There were tables, chairs and other furniture on the patio. The back door was to the right of the residence with a covered car port, with steps leading down to the driveway. There were three vehicles parked in the driveway, two of which were registered to the subject. The curtains and shades were closed and no visible lights were on. No activity to report.

Parking inside of the complex is limited, luckily there was a empty stall directly in front of the subjects residence.

There is a community club house with a pool and on site park managers than roam in golf carts.

10:00 am, no activity to this point, I made a door knock. The subject opened the front door, she wasn't wearing any form of a back or neck brace. She stood freely on her feet without the aid of any artificial support. I acted as a canvasser, she said no thanks and she closed the door and watched me leave through her window in her front door. I know this because I was wearing my revise sunglasses which lets you view everything that is behind you as you walk forward. I also had my color HD pen video DVR recording video of her while at the door that was in my shirt pocket.

I accomplished three things at the subjects residence.
One, she was home.
Two, she wasn't wearing any artificial devices.
Three, I now have a I.D. shot of her taken by my pen video recorder.

2:00 pm, no activity to report, the subject hasn't moved. Discontinuing surveillance.

Day 2
6:00 am, I arrived at the subjects residence. Same vehicle's were parked in her driveway as yesterday. No lights were on, no activity to report. There wasn't any open parking inside of the mobile home park, so I set up surveillance just outside the front entrance, which was the only way out.

8:00 am, I drove by the subjects residence, no activity observed.

10:00 am, I exited my vehicle to stretch my legs, and decided to walk past the subjects residence to observe if any activity was going on. As I approached her residence, I observed the subject walking down her back door steps with a rake in her right hand. I couldn't let her see me as I knocked on her door yesterday, so I hide in some brushes while observing. I very quickly walked back to my vehicle and drove inside the park. I doubled parked my vehicle at the end of her street, put up my surveillance curtains, set up my video camera on a tripod and started shooting video of the subject, bending at the waist to the ground, twisting her neck, making left and right motions with her arms as she held a rake in her hands. She continued to perform these activities for about thirty minutes when I looked out my right window and saw three blue haired little old ladies, sitting in there rockers watching me. Now I know they couldn't see me, but if they were there while I drove up, they never saw me exit, and my mini van was moving from me moving around inside. Just as I saw the ladies, I observed a golf cart coming at me with two little old men inside. I decided it was best not to mess with them and leave, so leave I did. As I drove away, the ladies were pointing there fingers at me and as I passed the security force, they were yelling at me, saying there's no double parking in the park, funny as heck.

I exited the mobile home park and resumed surveillance from outside the park. The video I recorded was enough evidence to disprove the subject's claim of being 100% disabled, she has been on disability for the past ten years. This will be interesting to see how this plays out.

2:00 pm, Discontinued surveillance due to inactivity.

Workers Comp Hearing
8:00 am, I arrived at the State Workers Comp building with my video and portable DVD player. I placed my very small player inside of a very large box, 3 feet by 2 foot moving box. I carried this inside of the building and placed myself just outside of the doors of the courtroom. The subjects attorney doesn't know I will be here neither does the subject, they have no clue a P.I. was observing her. I did this because the visual effects of not knowing what could be in this huge box, how much evidence do they have against my client, this is what I wanted to create. Boy did it ever work.

8:45 am I was approached by the subjects attorney. He asked if I was here for the ******* hearing, I said maybe. He said are you ******* the attorney for the Insurance company, I said no I am not. Now there's only one reason why I would be standing here this early since there was only one case calendared for the morning, that was the settlement hearing for $600,000.00. He approached me again and said, are you a private investigator? I didn't say anything, he looked at my huge box, he said what's in the box, I said something. This really pissed him off when I said this. I picked up my box and moved to another bench just outside the court doors. Remember he thinks that this hearing is about the settlement of $600,000.00 which the insurance company has agreed on paying until now.

8:55 am, The subject walked in with a walker,walking very, very slowly, walking inches at a time, I WAS BUSTING UP INSIDE. She walked passed me and paused, I was thinking ya remember me!!!

They don't know who I am and I wanted to keep it that way. I picked up my box and walked right by them. At this time, the subject is talking with her attorney, I look right at them and walk into the cafeteria which was just down the hall.

Her attorney walks in and demands that I tell him who I was. At that moment our attorney walks in and he backs off. They shake hands and he introduces himself, he said who's he, our attorney said he's our private investigator who observed your client for a couple of days. He went ballistic. He said, I want to know whats in the box, our attorney said, evidence, he went ballistic again. I was laughing so hard I had to remove myself from the cafeteria. I watched the subjects attorney walk out, then I entered and walked over to our attorney, he said what's in the box, I laughed and told him just a small DVR, he started laughing and said good job for the visual effects, it worked.

9:15 am The subject walked in very slowly and sat down at a table, with two other females, all staring at me. If looks could kill, I'd be dead and buried six feet down.

9:30 am The subjects attorney walks over to me and kicks me out of the cafeteria. He said that since she's handicapped and can't move, you have to. besides I don't want you to listen in to our conversation than run to your attorney telling him what you heard. I thought to myself, this isn't kindergarten dude. He walked toward my box and said let me help you. I picked up my box and walked out. I sat just outside the cafeteria so he would have to walk past me and the box.

10:00 to 11:45 am, the Judge told the two attorneys to try and come to a settlement. This morning the settlement was for $600.000.00. Subjects attorney wanted to know what evidence we had on his client. Our attorney said the only way that you will get to know what evidence we have is for your client to take the stand so I can ask her what activities she can perform, then I will put my private investigator on the stand and show our evidence against your client.

The BOX was the biggest trump card ever

The attorney went back and forth from the client to our attorney, the client won't settle, she wants the $600,000.00 or nothing and wants to go to trail. Now the amount on the table for settlement was $125.000.00 for the subject to take and go home with money in her pocket.

Hearing is set for 1:30 pm today. I left to have lunch.

1:15 pm I arrived at the state board courtroom. The attorney's and the client and her friends were their already. The subject looked at me as if she wanted to kill me.

The court was in session, the subject was called up first. She stood up with help from her attorney and walked over to her walker. She said in a loud voice, "it's really difficult for me to move". Then put on a show for everyone to see, walking very slowly and making grunting sounds as she walked inch by inch until she reached the stand. She was asked questions by her attorney, he sat down, took maybe twenty minutes.

Our attorney crossed examined her and really leaned on her, asking her questions about what activities she can do. She said she never leaves her home and when she does go somewhere it takes several people to help her into a vehicle. Our attorney said in a loud voice, on this day do you recall bending at the waist to the ground while raking and performing yard work without the help from anyone or your walker that you performed so well for all of us to see.

The subject lost it, she stood straight up out of her chair, while standing on the stand, she looked at me, then walked toward me shaking her fists in the air, yelling, "your a lair, your a lair, your a liar, I am handicapped, why are you telling lies about me, when she discovered that she was off the stand, leaving her walker behind and walking normally before the judge and everyone else to see. OOOPPPSSS she forgot something!!!! BUSTED

I left the court with my box never taking the stand. The subjects attorney never got to look inside my box, how sad.

Instead of a settlement of $125,000.00, the District Attorney is looking into criminal charges against her for insurance fraud.

All she had to do was take the money and run.

Case solved

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Case of the "women who wore a foil hat"

Client is a 50 year old female.

This by far is the most bazaar case I have ever been involved in. It was very hard not to laugh at her, but I never did out loud. Ask yourself, what does it mean to be CRAZY?

Three years ago she lost her life partner to cancer. They lived together for thirty years, and purchased several properties. Two of them were on the coast at the ocean edge, in Halfmoon Bay, valued at six million dollars. Though the stress of losing her partner, she became depressed and started seeing things that weren't there. She thought aliens were after her and people were aiming microwave beams at her brain. She imagined people were following her everywhere she went. Because of this, she would never stay in the same place more than thirty minutes, except at night. Night was a whole different issue. People found out about her illness and started to take advantage of her, promising her that they could make the aliens go away and the microwave beams to stop. She sold one of her properties in Halfmoon Bay, to pay for the services of these con artists. She paid people to drive for her 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to sleep in the same motel room with her, on the floor, or in the hallway for protection against everything. These activities of hers have been going on for three years.

She contacted me to obtain proof that aliens, microwaves and people were constantly following her. When she told me her story, I felt so sad for her, that she lived her life in fear and that people were making a good living off her fears. I told her that I would investigate her issues, but she must listen to my findings. These cons were going to meet a pissed off private investigator and expose them as frauds and report them to local authorities, that was my goal. I told her that I would ride with her for three days.

Day 1
She wanted to meet me in a secured location were the microwaves wouldn't penetrate the walls. In Menlo Park, on El Camino Real was a under ground parking structure under an old Safeway store. She said we would be save here, but couldn't stay very long, because they would find her and fry here brains. She said everywhere she went, people were following her, and were waiting for her to arrive wherever she went, as if they could read her mind and knew where to be waiting with there lazer guns to zap her. She had a driver who drove for her. She also had a person sitting in the back seat, his job was to take pictures of license plates of all vehicles around her vehicle. She would write down the license plate numbers on a pad of paper. She had video cameras on her windshield and rear window, with a monitor and VCR taping 24/7 on the back seat next to the person taking pictures. She would rent a vehicle every three days, any longer, they would catch on to her. She ate fast food all three meals in the drive-thru, fear of getting out of her vehicle. The only time she would leave her vehicle was to go to the restroom.

There is a person who lives in North Hollywood she pays to come up to the bay area every month and gives him $10,000.00 to build her a foil hat to wear at night to fight off any microwaves beaming at her head. He also makes her lead tubes that she lye's in while she sleeps.

She has 2 shifts of two people she pays everyday to drove and ride with her, and this guy from North Hollywood. These people are bleeding her dry.

She wanted me to drive so I could see for myself that people were following her. As I started to drive she started to make these sounds, "buzz buzz shuzz shuzz", she said that is the sound of the microwaves in my head, someone is following her very close and firing a lazer at her head, I can feel it. She then would read every plate on every vehicle out loud, saying that, I've seen that car before, there they are, there following us. She said we need to drive to New Mexico, they won't follow us there. Eight long hours went by and I told her that I needed to end the day,I couldn't take any more, we can start up tomorrow.

She asked me to purchase a microwave detector, sound spike, and cell phone jammer. She buys throw away cell phones, she says they can't listen in to my conversation with these phones. I agreed and told her I would see her tomorrow.

She's nuts!!!

Day 2
We met on top of a hill in the Santa Cruz mountains. She had a different vehicle, she only rents SUV's. She told me that in the middle of the night, aliens rented rooms on both sides of me. I could her them talking in their language and felt my brain frying. At 2am we left the motel very quietly and quickly so they wouldn't know that we left. We slept in the car on top of this mountain, they couldn't find us here.

I told her three days but I wasn't sure I could go though it any longer.

I was getting feed up with this guy in the back seat, wasting her money. When I arrived to a safe location, I kicked the guy out of the car. I told her that I wanted to be with her today without any distractions. After driving to Monterey, to San Francisco, to Sacramento and back, it was time to end this. I couldn't waste any more of her money.

My findings
I told her the plain truth, your nuts. Have you ever been seen by a doctor, she laughed and said they all say I am crazy, I said ya you are. There are no aliens following you. There is no one trying to microwave your brains. There is no one following you. These people you pay to be with you are taking advantage of you and sucking you dry. How much money do you have left, she said $700,000.00 out of $3,000,000.00. I told her to fire the drivers, and the North Hollywood con artist. Buy a motor home and travel the country, you never have to be in one place longer than you want to. You can buy all the jammers you want as you travel so you can feel safe. I feel you have become dependent on other people as companions, and this is why you hired these people to be with you 24/7, since the death of your companion. The foil hat and the lead tubes that you sleep in, loose them, they don't do anything. She said I'll have to think about it. When I took this case from you, I told you that you will have to listen to my findings. Don't waste your money on these people. I asked her about the North Hollywood guy, she said he's coming up next week, do you want to meet him, I said I would love too.

The following week
I had contacted the local authorities about this individual and told them about his scam. The local Police were more than happy to help me on this.

The client called me and told me that he was meeting her at a motel. I called the police and they set up a sting. I was with the client in her motel room, when there was a knock at the door. She opened the door and there he stood with 3 large cases. As far has he was concerned I was the new driver. He opened the cases and pulled out a very poorly made foil gun with antennas with a cord attached to headphones. He walked around the room and made some sounds. Adjusted her lead tubes with pliers, and pulled out of his case some aluminum foil to make her a new sleeping hat. This all took thirty minutes at which time he asked for payment of $10,000.00. She wrote him a check, at which time I called the authorities who were next door waiting for my call. I said buddy, I am a private investigator and there are some people who want to talk with you, they will be coming though the door now.

After this case was over I felt okay, I told her the truth, not what she wanted to hear. I told her that these people were not her friends and that they were taking advantage of her. I told her to seek out help with the issues she has, she isn't taking any medications.

She is a nice lady with a few loose screws. She just needed someone to help her that didn't have hidden motives.

The last thing she said to me was, thank you for being honest with me and calling me crazy, I guess people were afraid to tell me the truth.

Case of the "bed and breakfast"

Subject: 50 year female, 5'5, 150lbs, brown hair

Injury: Right wrist and knee. She is claiming 100% disabled. She worked as an county employee walking from the parking lot to her office when she slipped and fell on the wet sidewalk. She had surgery on her wrist and knee and was released back to work one year later. She claims she's in too much pain to walk and can't type, unemployable. Insurance company wants to settle the claim, they need to be completely sure she's still injured as she claims. Settlement is $300,000.00.

Day 1
6:00 am, I arrived at the subjects residence, somewhere in the Bay Area. Residence is set on a hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay, upper middle class neighborhood. Residence is a two story single family dwelling, brown with dark brown trim. Garage is located to the left with the front door just right of the garage. There were no vehicles parked in the driveway or parked on the street. Curtains are closed and no lights were on, no activity to report.

6:10 am I called local PD to my whereabouts.

7:00 am I was parked directly across the street where I observed some strange activity. Many times neighbors entertain me as I watch there activity. I observed neighbor 1, front door opened, male and female observed at the door. Female kissed male and female exited in her vehicle. Neighbor 2, front door opened moments later, male and female were observed standing in the doorway. Male kissed female and male entered his vehicle and drove off. How what happen next? Female of neighbor 2 walked over to neighbor 1 front door and entered residence without knocking. Neighbor 1&2 are observed in the doorway kissing, door closes. This could have been a case in its self.

10:00 am No activity at the subjects residence. I prepared for a door knock by putting on a disguise. I approached the front door and knocked, there was no answer. I walked around by the garage when subjects neighbor to her left came outside to ask what I was doing. I told him I represent a insurance company, do you know if ***** was at home. He said no, they are hardly ever home now since they opened up a bed and breakfast. I asked him where it was located, he said ******, up in the gold country. I thanked him and entered my vehicle and drove off. I have been sitting on a empty house, but a solid clue as to where to find the subject.

I arrived at my residence and called information to bed and breakfasts in ******, CA. I obtained a list of around thirty places. One by one I call the list until I found the subject. I said, is this **** *********. She said it is, I said, I would like to book two nights/three days at your bed and breakfast in two weeks. Room was booked, now the hardest part was about to happen, convincing Terri, my wife to go with me to place the subject under surveillance. I mean how would it look if I went by myself! Terri said she would, only because we were staying at a bed and breakfast and that it was up in gold country.

Now this case was booked before completing the case of "follow that boat" was over. I drove from that case to this one, which meant Terri would have to drive there by herself.

Day 2
I left Bass Lake around 1:00 pm, and arrived at the subjects bed and breakfast around 4:30 pm. I was late, I told Terri I would meet her there around 4:00 pm. I entered the bed and breakfast and observed Terri talking with the subject, I thought great, what were they talking about. Terri told me that she would be freaked out if she had to have a conversation with her knowing that I was putting her under surveillance.

The bed and breakfast is a three story old Victorian style home that was converted. There were six rooms, with three shared full bathrooms. The living room and den were shared rooms that the guests shared. There are stairs leading up to the front door, and stairs down to the back yard. The back yard has a flower garden and a large tree.

I entered the bed and breakfast, I observed the subject sitting in a chair with her right knee in a brace, raised up and resting on a Ottoman. She said hello, just having a nice conversation with your lovely wife, I thought great. She told me all about her bed and breakfast, how long she had it, living in the Bay Area, and the difference living here in gold country. She told me breakfast will be served in the garden at 8:00 am, lunch and dinner are on you. She got up out of the chair with difficulty. I asked about her knee with her brace, she said she fell last week and injured her knee again. There were crutches next to her chair, she picked them up and used them as she walked. She took us to our room, which was on the main floor, I though rats, I needed her to walk up the two flights of stairs inside the residence. She said I will wash your sheets and make your bed around 10:00 am. She excused herself as other guests were about to arrive.

My job is to observe her movements of her right wrist and knee. Several issues I have already about her injury as to how she can operate this business with stairs entering and exiting both entrances. The stairs inside, and serving the guests breakfast in the garden area. There are six steep stairs going down into the back yard without hand rails.

The rest of the evening I observed the subject walk around the house without the use of her crutches. She appeared to use her right wrist without any difficulty.

8:00 pm Subject retired for the evening. Discontinued surveillance.

That night sores were forming on my neck and face. I think I was bitten by a bug at Bass Lake.

Day 3
6:00 am Surveillance starts

7:00 am I walked outside to the backyard area. I observed the structure of the steps leading into the backyard, they were solid. There was a large twelve foot across round table with benches that we were going to have breakfast on. Ten feet to the right was a bench with direct view of the door leading down to the backyard. The subject will be walking down these steps as she brings food to the table, unless it is buffet style which would suck for me, means no video of subject walking down these steep steps. I placed a large duffel bag on the bench and placed my video camera inside the bag with just the lens exposed. Just before 8:00 am I will start recording and let the camera record the entire breakfast meal, I am hoping for the best.

7:45 am I walk over to my camera and start recording video.

7:55 am Ten people including myself and Terry were sitting at the table. I glanced over at my bag to make sure nothing was in the way of the lens.

8:03 am Subject opens the backyard door and walks down the stairs with a large round tray with food. I am yelling inside my head, YES, gotcha. The subject moved in a normal manner without any restrictions, and wearing no knee brace or any wrist supports as she carried this large tray down the steps and into the backyard.

Over the next fifteen minutes, the subject walked up and down the steps carrying trays of food.

8:18 am Subject walked down the steps and sat down at the table, facing the camera with full view of the camera as video was recording her movements of her right wrist as she ate.

9:00 am Breakfast was over and the subject removed the plates, glasses, and empty containers of food back into the house.

9:14 am Subject cleaned the table and walked into the house and out of view from the camera.

9:16 am I entered the backyard and picked up my duffel bag and walked into the house and into my room. An hour and a half of video was taken of the subject as she served and ate breakfast.

9:50 am I placed the duffel bag on a stuffed chair that was inside our room. I placed the video camera inside the duffel bag and started recording and left the room. Hopefully it will record the subject changing the sheets, with the movements of her right wrist.

Walked downtown with Terri and shopped the local stores, a total tourist trap.

11:55 am I arrived back inside my room and stopped the recording. I viewed the video and was surprisingly happy with the results. Showed subject moving her right wrist, bending at the waist with pressure on her right knee. So far this day, the subject performed the duties of running a bed and breakfast without the use of any form of a brace.

Two hours of video was taken of the subject. Discontinue surveillance for the day. Time to be a tourist and have some fun.

7:30 pm I arrived back at the bed and breakfast and observed the subject in the back den sitting at a desk. She was observed without any braces, and the crutches she was using yesterday were not seen.

Discontinued surveillance.

Day 4
6:00 am Surveillance starts

I performed the same activities with my video camera as yesterday. Video taping the subject serve breakfast and changing my sheets on my bed. A total of three hours of video was taken of the subject run and operate a bed and Breakfast, but most important, doing this without the use of any braces.

9:40 am I observed the subject in the den and engaged her in conversation. I asked her what she had planed for the day. She said she had a medical appointment in the Bay Area regarding an old injury at 3:00pm.

Check out was 11:00 am

9:55 am, The bug bites were getting serious so I went to a local medical center. I have staff infections on my neck and face. They were at this point oozing liquid from the sores. I had around twelve in total, and I looked a mess, people were staring at me as if I were a leper.

10:45 am I checked out and set up surveillance and Terri drove home.

11:30 am Subject exited the bed and breakfast and entered her vehicle without any braces, but she placed the crutches inside of her vehicle.

2:30 pm Subject drove to a medical office somewhere in the Bay Area. Subject opened the door and pulled out her crutches and used them as she walked very slowly. She walked as if she was in pain. She also wore a right wrist brace.

3:45 pm Subject exited the medical office with the use of her crutches, she moved very slowly as she entered her vehicle, subject drove off.

4:15 pm Subject drove to her Bay Area residence. Subject opened her door and exited her vehicle without the use of any crutches or braces of any kind. She walked in a normal manner without restrictions.

Video was being taken from the moment she exited her bed and breakfast until she drove to her residence in the Bay Area.

5:00 pm Discontinued surveillance.

The attorney was very happy with my investigation on this case, he said good job. Let me tell you, that means more to me than anything else.

This case went to court and I was called to testify against the subject. I entered the court and observed the subject with crutches and wearing a wrist brace. The subject nor her attorney knew about me and the video I had. When the subject saw me walking into court carrying a TV and my video camera in my hand, she RAN, I mean she RAN over to her attorney and had a conference, leaving her crutches behind at the bench she was sitting on, oops she forgot something!!!

Our attorney said I could go home, you scared the crap out of her. As I was walking out of court, I walked past her and she said, tell Terri I said hello. She was a nice lady, last time I will ever get close to anyone I am investigating.

The case never went to trail. The subject received no money and had to pay back thousands of dollars.

Case solved

Friday, August 20, 2010

Case of "jumping from one bed into another"

Client (wife) with 3 children, ages 5,7,and 9
Subject: male, age 34, 5'10, 200lbs, blond hair

Out of all the cases I've worked, this case still bothers me to my core. Wife told me this story that was difficult for me to believe. She said, I think my husband is having an affair with another women. Monday thru Friday and sometimes on Saturday, he leaves at 4:00 am and goes to work, but he doesn't start work until 9:00 am and doesn't return home until 9:00 pm at night. He never see's his children, our marriage is falling a part. He doesn't have a gym membership, so I need to know, where he is going before work and after work.

Day 1
3:30 am, I arrived at the client and subjects residence. Very nice two story single family dwelling, in a upper middle class neighborhood somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. No lights are on, Subject's 740i BMW is parked in the driveway next to the client's Chevy Tahoo.

4:06 am, subject exits the residence and walks over to his vehicle and drives off. The subject is driving without headlights on. As he turned the corner his lights went on in his BMW.

4:16 am, subject drove to a private residence not far a way. He pulled into the driveway next to a Chevy Tahoo. He exited the vehicle and walked to the front door when he was greeted by a female who was standing in the doorway. They embraced, kissing while closing the door. No lights were on inside of the residence.

8:34 am, The front door of the residence opens and the subject is seen standing in the doorway kissing a female. The female is described as a white female adult, age 30, 5'3, 125lbs, blond hair. He exits the residence waving goodbye to the female blowing a kiss at which time, two small children are seen standing by the female, ages 4 and 8 years of age. They wave to the subject as he gets into his vehicle and drives off.

8:55 am, subject drives to his place of employment.

He jumped out of his wife's bed into his girlfriends bed within thirty minutes.

4:00 pm, the subject gets off work at 5:00 pm, I need to know if he comes here first after work.

5:10 pm, the subjects vehicle just arrived at the residence. He exits his vehicle when the front door opens and the two children exit and run into his arms. They play outside for about forty five minutes playing ball.

5:55 pm, subject and boys enter the residence and are out of my view.

6:30 pm, the front door opens and the subject with his new family enter his vehicle and they drive off.

6:45 pm, they drive to a local restaurant, they exit the vehicle and enter into the restaurant. They are seen sitting at a table inside the restaurant. I enter on foot and sit myself down night next to there table. I pull out my fake cell phone that has a video camera inside with audio and start recording there conversation.

I almost, I was inches from walking over to the restroom area, pull out my cell phone, call the restaurant and ask for the subject. Have them page the subject over the intercom saying, ******** your wife is on the phone. That would have been so cool to do.

8:00 pm, the subject and family exit the restaurant and drive back to her residence. At the front door, he kisses her and the boys and he drives off.

8:15 pm, subject drives to a local bar. I didn't follow

8:40 pm, subject exits the bar and drives off.

9:00 pm Subject arrives back to his residence. Discontinue surveillance.

Day 2 thru 5, subject had the same activities as day one, leaving his residence at 4:00 am, arriving at the girlfriends house. After work was the same also, except for going out to dinner.

This is the hard part:
Time to confront the wife, who I kept in the dark as to her husbands activities of the week. I collected two hours of video of the subject entering a females residence after leaving there home in the morning. Then returning after work to the females residence with her two boys. Video showed her husband embracing and kissing the female. Playing with the boys and showing affection toward them.

I almost started to tear up as I watched this women come completely unglued and bust into tears. She started to rub her arms and face as to wipe away any trace of her lying, cheating husband. She said; the thought of him leaving my bed and jumping into another woman's bed moments later makes me want to throw up. She froze in her sentance, stood up and ran into the bathroom where she threw up. Her children walked into the room as to wonder why there mother was crying and why I was sitting in there living room.

The mother walked into the room and gathered what was left to her family and held them in her arms. She began to tell them that daddy won't be living here anymore, he has a new family. The children started to sob and bust into tears along with there mother.

She said thank you for finding out the truth, now I can start to rebuild my family. I exited the residence with a horrible feeling in my soul. I just witnessed a family being torn apart.