Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Case of "2:30 am garbage grab and run"

Client: ex-wife
Subject: male, age 40, 6'0, 175lbs, brown hair

Subject is a CEO of a large Electronic firm somewhere in the Silicon Valley. Client suspects that ex-husband (subject) is either selling cocaine or has a drug addiction in access of one million dollars a year. She needs proof of his drug activity as to get full custody of there three children. She doesn't want the children to be around this environment.

Day 1
5:00 am, I arrived at the subject's residence which is in the Los Altos Hills. Residence is ten thousand square foot estate, which is located at the end of a court. He has a six foot iron rod fence with security camera's throughout the property. He can view everything that drives down the court. There are large bay windows throughout the residence with no coverings.

Subjects Porsche, 740i BMW and Lamborghini are parked in the driveway.

No lights are on and no sign of the subject.

8:00 am, subject exits the front door, he is dressed casually. Walks over to the BMW, gets in and drives to the security gate and stops. The gate opens and the subject drives off out of the area.

8:25 am, the subject drives to his place of employment. He drives into a under ground parking struction of his building and out of view.

Client suspects that his secretary is involved also in drugs.

11:25 am, subject exits the parking garage driving his BMW alone.

11:58 am, subject drove downtown San Jose and stopped at a corner, at which time a male approached his vehicle. Subjects window rolled down and a large object was seen exiting his vehicle though the window. The male grabbed the package and walked away. Subject started up his vehicle and drove off.

This is a possible good sign of drug activity.

12:20 pm, subject drove to a up scale restaurant, parked his vehicle and walked inside alone.

I followed on foot and observed the subject talking with two males. They were seated and I sat down at a table close enough to over hear his conversation.

Subject at one point did reference the use of cocaine, but that was it.

1:30 pm, Subject exited the restaurant and drove back to his office.

5:00 pm, Subject exits the parking garage and drives off in his BMW.

5:35 pm, Subject returns home.

Discontinued surveillance.

Day 2
2:30 am, I arrived close to the subjects residence with a good friend Benny, we were there to grab the subjects garbage. Going though someones garbage will tell me what they are doing, receipts, discarded bills, ATM bank statements, the list goes on. I was hoping to find something that would tie the subject to any drug activity.Now the garbage containers had to be on the curb or on the street for me to legally remove the garbage.

Now we needed to do this very quietly so the subject didn't hear us and not to activate the security lights.

We parked at the beginning of the court and exited my vehicle. I have auto censors on my headlights so we applied black electrical tape across the censor so the lights wouldn't go on. We got back into my vehicle and drove to the end of the court very slowly next to the subject's residence. We exited my vehicle and opened the back tailgate when the lights went on, didn't plan on that happening, it scared the crap out of us. The security lights went on, I brought a empty garbage container so we could dump the contents into my container, we ran over to the subjects garbage cans, two of them, picked them up and water came pouring out all over us. It had rained earlier, didn't count on that happening. Dumped the contents into my garbage container, threw it into the back of my vehicle and drove off very fast. As we were leaving lights went on inside of the residence. We placed the subjects garbage containers in the same place as we found them, so the subject wouldn't discover anything unless he lifted up the lid of his containers.

9:00 am, I needed to document this by video so if used in court there wouldn't be any issues as to my discovery.

I set up my tripod and placed a video camera on it and started recording as I opened the garbage bags. After going though the bags, I found needles, white power in small baggies that may have contained cocaine, end of video.

I went back on two other nights grabbing the subjects garbage, never found anything that would connect the subject to dealing drugs. Found evidence of self usage, but wouldn't stand up in court.

Our findings were inconclusive, case closed.

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